Dan Tinianow

Public Speaking Teacher and Author
I've been teaching public speaking since the 1990s and have worked with hundreds of students, and supervised dozens of public speaking educators. I'm the author of the speech text "New Traditions in Public Speaking."

Hello from Denver

My name is Dan and I'm a college professor who oversees the interpersonal communication and oral communication courses for the University of Arizona Global Campus.  I've been teaching public speaking since the 1990s, and have designed one traditional public speaking course and one on-line asynchronous public speaking course, which I also wrote the text for.  Although I've done a great deal of education and coaching, I've done precious little paid public speaking, and I've joined here because this is something I'd like to change!

The area I'm most likely to speak on is, no surprise, public speaking.  But I can also talk about my experiences living and teaching in Japan and China, about hypnosis and NLP (I'm a certified hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner), and what I learned from being a contestant on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" 

I live in Denver, although I grew up in Cleveland.  I've also lived in New York, Texas and California.  I'm married and we have two sons.  They are 10 and almost 8.  We also have a dog and a cat.

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