Ryan M. Sheade, LCSW

NASW Arizona Social Worker of the Year 2020 and your therapist’s therapist… I’m the guy your therapist comes to for therapy.
Hello! I’m a psychotherapist, educator, and a tireless advocate against the stigma around mental health and getting help.

Therapist, Educator, and Advocate…

Hi all! My name is Ryan M. Sheade, and I am a clinical social worker that practices as a psychotherapist and an educator on all things mental health! 

I speak on everything from understanding behavior in different contexts, to suicide prevention and intervention, to talks and retreats on parenting and marriage (most often together with my wife).

I was honored as the 2020 Social Worker of the Year from the National Association of Social Workers - Arizona Chapter and I advocate for mental health through my practice, a training institute that I co-founded, and a brand called Fight Confront Knock Out the Stigma.

Happy to be here!
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