Savitha Nanjappa

Business Coach, Podcast Host, Speaker, Contributor @Forbes
Hi I’m Savitha, an award winning Business Coach, Founder of Global Coaching Platform - Success With Savitha, Podcast Host, Contributor @Forbes, International Speaker and Member of the Forbes Coaches Council.


Hi everyone, I'm Savitha, joining you from Bangalore, India. I'm a Business Coach, I run a global coaching Business and get to work with clients from around the world. I've had the opportunity to help build some of the India's  biggest  brands. I host a podcast on Business titled - Success With Savitha Podcast, which launched in March 2021 and now has close to 200K downloads and I m looking to launch and grow my speaking career. Prior to starting my coaching practice I spent 17 years in Corporate India. I hope to be an active member here and get to know you all. 
(P.S - Just a heads up that my impostor syndrome visits me often so I will try not to be invisible 🙂 ) 
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