Helena Lucia (she/her/hers)

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Hey, folks! I am a speaker and podcast host. My podcast is centered around science and stories of resilience, and my speaking path involves a corporate wellbeing program centered around mental health and creating psychologically safe workplaces.

Hello from Washington

Hi, everyone.

My name is Helena, and I am live in the great state of Washington with my partner and our combined family of five children, aged 12-25. My day job is as a software engineer, but since the pandemic, I have discovered a deep passion for studying all things about supporting people around their mental health. Specifically, my core offering is about what I wish I had learned about healing trauma that therapy didn't include-- nervous system, subconscious, energetics, and somatics.

Thanks to the Booked and Paid to Speak course, I have really narrowed down my audience to a corporate one, and as a result, have been researching what it would take to turn it into a corporate well-being program. So my core talk is now transforming to one where the audience is HR folks and corporate decision-makers, around why supporting your employees' mental well-being is not only the right thing to do, it's also the best for business. I'm in the research phase of my talk and business plan and planning to record my demo reel sometime within the next few weeks.

I am looking forward to being in this group. I would absolutely love to collaborate with anyone directing their talks toward corporations and/or working in the mental health/wellbeing space.

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