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Hey there! I help leaders love themselves. I'm a leadership coach and podcaster. I love to go sailing on the weekends with my husband and 2 young kids.

Getting your finances right

I just watched a video in Module 5 about finances, and realized this is probably a big questions for most people. I'm a bookkeeper (speaking is my side-hustle for now), so here are a few tips for you.
  • You can track things in Excel or Google Sheets until you really get going. But definitely track everything!
  • Setup a business bank account right away that's separate from your personal account, even if you're a sole proprietor. Some banks charge fees for business accounts, but there are a few banks that don't, including online banks.  I like (I don't get any commissions for telling you this, I just like them). 
  • If you want to start really tracking your income and expenses, use a bookkeeping software like, Quickbooks online (QBO), or Wave. Personally, I use Xero because it's fast, intuitive and connects so easily with any app. If you want to go this route, message me because I have a personal discount code I'd be glad to share privately.
  •, Hubdoc, or Expensify are great receipt tracking apps. Some bookkeeping softwares also have their own. (Xero uses Hubdoc. QBO has its own.)
  • With a bookkeeping software, you can send invoices and take payments. Xero, for example, allows you to sync with Paypal, Stripe, Square and GoCardless seamlessly. They'll send the invoice for you, and include links for online payments. QBO does also. I don't know about Wave.
  • There's always a fee for credit card processing, no matter which processing company you use. Take that into account when quoting. 
  • Taxes. You'll want to make quarterly tax payments on any contract work. You can make those payments through You'll have to set it all up and get a PIN mailed to you, but once you do, it's pretty easy.
  • Scaling/Hiring: make sure you have proper bookkeeping setup first! Otherwise things will get really messy. But when you're ready to hire and pay employees, you've got to use They are seriously fantastic. Best customer service of any app/software I've ever used. I might also have a discount code here, but I'll have to look. Just message me if you want me to take a look for you.
I hope this is helpful! I'd be glad to answer any questions. I'm not a CPA but I've been a bookkeeper for awhile now. Eventually speaking will replace that so ask while you have me! 🙂
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Liability Insurance

Should I be carrying liability insurance? If so, what should it cover? 


Practicing Sales

Thanks all for the great call on Wednesday. Hats off to  Maryalice Goldsmith  for letting me chat instead of turning on my mic so you didn't hear me yell at my kids. 😂

My question was about sales - and someone recommended I watch a past call on sales. I'm doing that now and wow - is it helpful!

Would anyone be interested in doing a small group call and take turns practicing the sales pitch? I'm only available in the evenings, but would be glad to setup a Zoom call for anyone interested.


I was interviewing someone for my podcast, and after the interview, she asked me to ask a few of the questions again on video record because she needed video for her speaking. She said the way I asked the questions made her SO excited, and she needed to capture it. 

Then she added, "You have an EXTRAordinary gift in the way you conducted this interview. It is truly your gift, you excel at it." 

She continued the compliment in such a way that actually made me cry - because I never, NEVER thought that of myself. I never thought I had this gift. I just thought it was the way I was. I even thought - regularly - that I was an annoyance to people. That the way I think and ask questions made me awkward and people didn't like me because of it (I really want people to like me). 

I started this speaking journey after I became a coach and a podcaster, doing all of those things because I loved them and just started listening to myself instead of hiding. I knew I was good at it, but today, I believe it.

I'm so grateful for my friend who said these things in a way that I could actually hear it, and I'm so incredibly glad that I didn't give up when I thought "this was too hard" or "i'm not good enough."

So for everyone else - you've got this. You were meant to be here. Keep going.
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Upcoming Workshop

Hey everyone! I love being part of this group and hope I can be a help and a resource as well. 

I have my first workshop on my signature talk next week. It's unpaid, but totally worth it to get my first live/virtual combo talk out of the way, and a way I can give back. I just found out that 54 people have signed up! I am really excited. 

Any tips for knocking it out of the park so I can maybe get a referral out of it? 

I've been to so many types of workshops and the biggest question I have is how to make this different from a Keynote. How much interaction do people expect in a workshop? I've incorporated a lot of call and response, question and answer, plus at least 1 group activity. Is that enough? What's enough? What's too much? Ah! 
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