# Community Guidelines

The Speaker Lab Student Community Guidelines

Welcome to The Speaker Lab Circle we are thrilled that you’re here!

As a valued student of TSL, our goal is to give you clarity, confidence, and a clear path to your speaking success.

We believe, as a community of speakers, we are so much stronger together. This is why we created this space. We want you to have a place to ask questions, get a fresh perspective, and feel supported every step of the way. 

In order to make this the best place on the internet for your speaking journey here are a few non-negotiable guidelines:


- when you come to the TSL Circle come with a growth mindset. How can you be or get better by being here?

One way is how you ask your questions or post your comments. Ask specific questions that will give you valuable answers to help you to take action. Let your questions or comments be something that gets someone else thinking as well.

Here is a good example of the difference between a growth mindset and a victim mindset:
  • VICTIM: “I have been trying to get in touch with support for 2 hours and no one is responding - I need to know where the clarifying my expert positioning worksheet is in the dashboard - does anyone know where they are, I am so frustrated?”
  • GROWTH: “I am working on re-writing my clarifying expert positioning statement, can anyone remind me where to find these in the dashboard? Thank you!”

People - No matter what your experience level is as a speaker, we see the value in EVERY student.

We are committed to making this a fun and safe place where ALL students feel supported and celebrated through their journey here at TSL. People matter so be kind, generous, and let’s make this space a place where we lift one another up in our journey to speaking success!
Ownership - Our TSL Circle is a place to collaborate and find solutions. We never want you stuck, this is one of the reasons we have created this space. It is up to you to use it and take full advantage of its endless benefits. 


Within our Circle Community, there are specific topic areas, please use these areas wisely.

For example, although we do not allow self-promotion, we do understand that your website is a big part of this journey. You will see we have a special place for you to post website links for celebrations and humblebrags. We ask you to please post specific questions and comments in the appropriate areas to ensure you get the specific feedback and collaboration you are seeking.


Be an active member.

We know you are busy, but if you have time to come and ask a question be sure to take some time to respond to other fellow aspiring speakers as well. We believe creating the perfect balance between giving and getting, will help us create a one-of-a-kind dynamic community. 


This includes linking to your social media, opt-in, podcast, affiliate links. Or soliciting via DM’s or inviting people to DM you is NOT allowed.

Promos will be deleted without warning. If you have a promo that is deleted 3 times you will be removed from the group without warning. We are adamant about protecting this space and we are confident you will agree. 

Thanks so much for being here and we look forward to being in the TSL Circle with you.