The Speaker Lab is going to be on a little Hiatus. Please take note - September 27 - 30.

Hey beautiful Speaker Lab Family. So here's something you may not know about the team at The Speaker Lab. 

When Grant started this business, it was as a virtual business and it has remained that. Very few of us on the team of 20+ people have ever even met in person. Well that is all about to change.

We will be on a company retreat, meeting, bonding, having fun and planning more great things for you, September 27 - 30. We will be officially closed for those four days, with a few of the team possibly working on the 30th, and then back full steam ahead on October 1. If you are having trouble finding availability for a coaching session, it is because we rarely take time out like this, but we will be working hard at this retreat to launch some new great stuff for you, so please trust we will be right back with full coaching availability after this retreat. 

So join us to take a breathe, and mark your calendars that The Speaker Lab Team will be out of the office, September 27 - 30. 
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